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How I Work – information about my therapeutic approach

There are many different styles, modalities and theories that therapists work within.  I describe my therapeutic style as humanistic, integrative, and relational.  For most people that doesn’t mean very much, so this is what I mean.


This describes my basic beliefs about people:

  • everyone has essential worth
  • people are not good or bad – we all have the potential for both
  • we all have the capacity to choose
  • people are responsible for themselves
  • people have the power to change and grow
  • we exist in relationship with the world around us
  • the truth about people is more than the sum of all the parts


Humanistic therapies are all based on the beliefs above, and there are many theories and ways of understanding people that have stemmed from this.  But there are also lots of other ways to approach this.  I don’t stick rigidly to ‘a way to do therapy’ but incorporate aspects of many different theories including some of the ‘non-humanistic’ ones.
I do this because I believe that they are useful and helpful to the work of therapy.  Just as no two people are ever the same, I don’t believe that any one sort of therapy can ever be adequate for everyone.


I place particular importance and value on the relationship that develops between myself and the client.  I believe that we all exist in relationship with the world around us, and so when we are trying to make changes, or solve problems, or make sense of our experiences, we also do that in relationship.
Therapy is very different to most other relationships you may have – that’s part of it’s value, but it is still a relationship.

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