Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the following additional practices are currently in place at the Therapy Nottingham. For the latest status and availability for in-person appointmnets see here.

Do NOT come to Therapy Nottingham if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, or have been instructed to self-isolate

  • Online / video appointments are available as an alternative

  • If you develop symptoms, or are informed ( e.g. through the Test and Trace systems) that you have been in contact with someone who has, you must inform me immediately.

  • If I develop symptoms or am informed that I have been in contact with someone who has, it may be necessary for me to disclose our contact in the interest of public safety.

  • In-person appointments may be subject to further change and temporary reversion to online working in line with guidance from professional bodies, local lockdown or national responses.

The most up to date information from NHS is available at

Arriving and leaving

  • Do not arrive early for appointments, and move directly to the office (or exit)
  • Make use of hand sanitiser on entering the building
  • Do not spend unnecessary time in shared areas
  • Everyone is expected to wear a mask when entering he building and at all times in shared spaces unless excepted.

Corridors and stairways

  • Wear a face mask whenever in shared spaces, including when arriving and leaving the building

In the office

  • Hand sanitiser is available in the office
  • No more than three person in the office at any time, to ensure that social distancing is possible
  • Door handles will be cleaned between all appointments
  • Hard surfaces (table tops, desks etc.) will be cleaned at least daily before use

Shared kitchens

  • Use of shared kitchens will be restricted to washing up and getting water Wipe surfaces before and after using with the supplied products
  • If someone else is using the kitchen, please use another kitchen within the building or wait until it is no longer being used


  • Some toilets have multiple cubicles. If someone else is in there, please use another toilet in the building, or wait until the room is free
  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Please wipe down surfaces before and after using with the supplied wipes

These practices will be reviewed regularly and may be further amended to reflect changes in good practice, legislation, guidance, and recommendations.

Last review: 10/08/2020