Introducing Andréa

The first of our mini-series introducing the Therapy Nottingham team

As the Therapy Nottingham service is preparing to move into our new premises in Nottingham City Centre, our team is expanding. So, we thought it would be a good time to introduce ourselves. First up is Andréa Damico, our first new therapist to join the team.

What led you to become a psychotherapist?

I have been working as a eurythmy (movement) therapist for many years, predominately addressing constitutional issues through creative gesturing. Although I have always found this to be an effective therapy, I became increasingly aware of how movement can trigger and stimulate emotional and unconscious processes for my clients. Wanting to learn more and explore this and my own unconscious emotional experiences led me to train as an integrative psychotherapist.

What is your ideal pet?

I am a 100% cat person.

A picture od Andréa as a child in New York
Andréa (left), in New York, 1960

What did you want to do when growing up?

I grew up in New York. On the day I was leaving, as I was cleaning up I found an old essay from when I was in grade five which said “when I’m older I want to be a dancer and live where there is a King and a Queen.” And this is exactly what I did, continuing my dance training in Europe.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I appreciate working with my fellow psychotherapy colleagues in peer work and supervision. I find the process of change deeply fascinating to observe, discuss and experience within myself both personally and professionally while working in this field.

A picture of Andréa in eurythmy performance dress
Andréa in eurythmy perfomance

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I am an avid reader and believe there is a novel in me yet! I am also a committed walker, which inspires my creative side. I have always enjoyed artistic eurythmy movement with colleagues. Outside of this, working on watercolour painting and pursuing my ongoing craft projects is a great love of mine. Playing the piano gives me great pleasure and a reminder that daily practising is essential! I am also a regular visitor to art galleries and noticed how much I missed these visits throughout the pandemic.

A picture of Andréa walking in the countryside
Andréa walking int he countryside

For many of my clients and myself, I notice a world anxiety that takes on another form of displacement and disorientation from the usual definition of anxiety disorders.

What would be your advice for someone who is starting therapy?

This is an interesting question as I have always had success finding a therapist by word of mouth. I always encourage those wanting to embark on psychotherapy to ensure that the counsellor or psychotherapist is an accredited member of either the BACP or UKCP.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

I am particularly interested in the workings of the body and continue to research my work as a eurythmy (movement) therapist and the phenomena of psychotherapy and how they can work together.

Andrea currently has some new appointment times available. You can book an initial assessment session with Andrea or choose from any of the other appointments we have available here.

Andréa Damico
Andréa Damico

Psychotherapist and supervisor, interested in personality, self, and identity.

Justin Clark
Justin Clark
Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and Director of Therapy Nottingham

Psychotherapist and supervisor, interested in personality, self, and identity.